Wednesday, December 2, 2015

 LostLoves Publishers
Member of Book Publishers Northwest

Matt Smith
 Managing Editor

      LostLoves Books is a Northwest publisher of a limited line of new ebooks and paperbacks, as well as reprints. We do not sell books through this site. All books are available through national distributors, including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Apple and others.
     We are currently closed to submissions.

       LostLoves BookClub was launched in September, 2013. We publish three new BookClub volumes per year. Each volume contains two or more books in one cover. There is no membership fee or requirement. BookClub editions will be available in paperback and ebook and will offer a savings over the price of the individual books.
        2013 titles include: Mudflat Magic Books 1.2.3 and 3 Teen Books.
        2014 titles include Romance Past, Sunspinners 1,2, and Turning Vampire 1,2.
        2015 titles include Rock's Dogs, Turning Vampire 3,4, and Tippy Tree's Christmas Adventure.
        2016 titles include Campus Couples and Mudflat Magic Books 4,5.

Recently published titles include:
A Century of John Carter, Tarzan and Friends: A Reader's Checklist,
by Rosemary Jones
     Rosemary Jones is the web editor for Book Publishers Northwest, a 30-year-old trade association for publishers in Washington, and a professional member of Science Fiction Writers of America. She has written two novels for Wizards of the Coast in their best-selling Forgotten Realms line.  Her short stories have appeared in a half dozen anthologies in the past two years.
     For a complete list of her titles and links to her books, see her webpage at

        A second Reader's Checklist book is The Wizard of Oz and Friends: A Reader's Checklist by Rosemary Jones and Diane Jones. The authors previously co-authored a five book series about collecting antique and vintage children's books, published by Collector Books of Paducah, KY.
        A third  Reader's Checklist book is Book Series for Children, 1800 to 1990, by Rosemary Jones and Diane Jones, available February, 2016.

      LostLoves now publishes three urban fantasy series by Phoebe Matthews, Sunspinners, Turning Vampire (with Dark Quest Books), and Mudflat Magic.  LostLoves Books also produces ebooks of Matthews's out-of-print titles. Her backlist includes books first published by Avon, Dell, Holt, Putnam, Silhouette. For a complete list of her new and backlist titles and links to sales sites, see her webpage at

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We are currently closed to submissions.